Norwex saves you time, your health, your money & the environment. It will SURPRISE you with how amazing it is! Simply click on the SHOP NOW link to buy your Norwex products or to join my team and become a Norwex Consultant. Please connect with me if you have any questions.

My kids mopping...

My kids mopping…

Can I just say… I LOVE THIS MOP!

And i’m NOT the only one.It’s funny how many people get so excited over a mop. Really. But it’s TRUE!! Imagine not needing to lug a bucket of water around. Imagine just using a mop and water. Yes WATER!!

I often joke that Norwex is ‘all about the drama’, you can look official and have a spray bottle… OR… you can be a little more unconventional and throw a cup of water on the floor (had a bad day?!?!), get the kids to use water pistols or use your water bottle. Come on, it’s cleaning and we need to make it fun, right?!?

 Some of the features…

The handle is height adjustable, so its ergonomic.

The microfibre pad has strong velcro which attaches to the base- easily removed for washing.

The base has a ‘lock’ function so the head doesn’t swivel making it easy to clean walls, the roof or windows.

The pads have hooks so you can easily hang them up and be organsied!

You can get a dry pad for sweeping and a rubber brush to wipe off the dirt, hair and whatever else it has picked up- perfect!

The wet pads are available in blue (especially good on wooden floors- in fact it is AMAZING on wooden floors!!) & green (the green has a nylon woven in the microfibre so it is FANTASTIC on tiles, lino, slate)

Hear from this happy Norwex customer,

“Honestly this mop blows my mind. I moved into a new house with lino on the floor. I used the blue wet pad first when I mopped and it came up black, pretty gross. I decided to try the green tile pad straight away as I knew my consultant said it was good on lino & i have a science brain and like to experiment even if it’s with cleaning! Well the tile pad after mopping the same area- was BLACK! The floor looked so good and I couldn’t believe how easy it was- without using any chemicals! That probably blew my mind the most!!”


If you are interested in the mop, head onto my online store, and purchase your own, you won’t be disappointed! I will send you complete instructions once your order has been submitted 🙂 The MOP kits are your best bet & if you are just starting out think about the Safe Haven Kit and you get the mop for free! (all your cleaning needs for your home, a WIN on so many levels… save time, your health, no chemicals, money)


This mop will save you SO much time!! Below if my doggy Bunny 🙂

mop and doggy foot prints.jpg

AU ultimate home conversion kit 2016


“By Rachelle Potter”

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