FAQ: Why are Norwex cloths made in China?

2011 Global Update IssueCHINAOne of the questions I often get at parties is “why are the cloths made in China?” (which is a VALID & GREAT question). I actually try to address it straight up as when I personally saw that Norwex was made in China, I thought that meant they were made by some poor person being paid 50 cents an hour. This is NOT the case. We source our products from ALL around the world, where the manufacturing is the best. Our dryer balls are 100% New Zealand wool, our organic personal care items are made in places like Italy and China are ahead of the game in textile manufacturing so that is WHY our factory is based there.  Norwex does not manufacture, purchase from, or deal with any companies that are not fair trade or that exploit workers. 

I have included an article written from the 2011 Norwex global Update Newsletter about the China Story, click to enlarge to read more. I found it a very helpful read! Norwex did start in NORWAY but they needed to be moved to a bigger location, hence the move to China. Norwex DO NOT contract out the manufacturing of the cloths, rather they own and operates the factory within China. This is really important to understand. Our global CEO visits regularly and there is a Norwegian managing director living in China to oversee all practices.

Sonya Eckel from the USA was privileged to be apart of a group to visit the China factory. The link to her blog article is here and a fabulous one describing her and the team’s experiences. I enjoyed reading it and would so love to visit the factory one day.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

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