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Kitchen Cleaning Made Easy With Norwex!

So the first area that I really tackled getting ready for moving out and that dreaded bond clean, was my kitchen. Many times over I thought, hmm I really should of done this sooner, oh well i am doing it now! In this article I will cover how I easily and quickly cleaned the range hood, marks off walls, cupboards and the roof, the exhaust fan, the oven, fridge, the sink, drain & more.

If anyone read my first entry about the bond cleaning, I DID say I would be updating as it all happened, but I ended up being VERY pushed for time (surprise, surprise!) so I will write about them as I can.

So as I looked up the roof this one evening at about 10pm… I thought I should clean that exhaust fan (it was FILTHY!!). WELL THEN IT ALL STARTED… Operation Kitchen Blitz began!! LOL

Cleaning the (filthy) exhaust fan…

One of the gorgeous girls on my team posted some photos of her cleaned exhaust fans the other day. We were all very impressed. How did she do it? With none other than our Norwex Laundry Powder- our Ultra power Plus now a new even better formulation called Laundry Detergent– it is truly a very versatile product- washing, soaking, stains, oven racks, exhaust fans and more! Below is my before & after photo.

Ultra Power Plus Soaking POWER!!!
Ultra Power Plus Soaking POWER!!!

How did I do it?

1. Filled the kitchen sink with HOT water and added a scoop of Ultra Power Plus

2. Soaked the cover in the water for 10 minutes

3. RInsed off the cover with running water

4. Dried & reattached! DONE 🙂

(I’m all for EASY options and seriously this was EASY!!)

If you are interested in reading more about Ultra Power Plus you can read the articles

*Laundry detergents revealed


Cleaning the cupboards, tiles, rangehood, walls & roof…

The AMAZING Cleaning Duo... marks and more have no chance against these two
The AMAZING Cleaning Duo… marks and more have no chance against these two

While the fan was soaking I started on the cupboards & roof (yes more football marks up there!)

I used two ESSENTIALS in any big clean (or any clean really!) the Enviro Cloth AND Cleaning paste.

A damp enviro cleaned MOST of the marks with just water. It really does give a superior clean, i’m amazed again and again at the cleaning power of this cloth. For those stubborn stains a light swipe of the cleaning paste and the mark easily disappears. I used to be a big user of gumption- not anymore!!

On an aside- when we were doing the clean once the furniture had been moved out, I gave one of my friends these two products and gave her the job of the boys bedroom. When we moved into this house it wasn’t in the best condition and was a little disappointed as we had left our previous house sparkling. I came in about 20 minutes later to check on how she was doing and I said “Laura, those walls look amazing, you are doing too good a job- we need to just do the basics!” Her response?

“But this stuff is amazing!!”

She was so funny and couldn’t believe WHAT it got off those walls (use your imagination a 4 and 8 year old boy lived in that room!) haha.

If you would like to read more, feel free to read these posts…

* Where do I start?

* So… how are your walls? Meet my wall heroes

For the TOP of the cupboard & rangehood….

I called in the help of our “GREASE CLOTH” (the all purpose kitchen cloth) and JUST water! I know HARD to believe, but oh so true!

This is one of our cloths with a real “WOW” factor!!

2014-07-25 12.10.11

Cleaning the Oven…

People HATE cleaning the oven, in fact there are many people who PAY BIG money to have their ovens professionally cleaned.

Norwex offers a NON CAUSTIC, EASY option. Really it is a MUST HAVE item!

The Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner and a simple Spirinett will be your BEST FRIENDS for cleaning the oven (& even the BBQ).

I soaked the oven racks in Ultra Power Plus, which is now our new formulation called Laundry Detergent while I was cleaning the rest of the oven (you know how much I love that laundry powder!!) After a simple, light scrub with the spirinet they were SHINING like new.

HOW? Norwex oven and grill cleaner, a spirinet, all purpose kitchen cloth & Ultra power plus!
HOW? Norwex oven and grill cleaner, a spirinet, all purpose kitchen cloth & Ultra power plus!

Cleaning the Drain

While I had the oven and grill cleaner out, it lead me to the drain. EEK. I ran the tap for a few minutes on HOT (remember the Oven and grill is activated with heat). A few sprays in and around, five minutes later a scrub with the spirinet and MAGIC, it was like new!! You could also use the cleaning paste and a spirinet for the surface staining. But I like how the oven and grill cleans down the pipe too 🙂

cleaning the drain wiht norwex

Cleaning all those hard to reach places… enter THE ENVIROWAND!

This photo is the first of the envirowand pictures. Mainly just the ways I used it in the kitchen area on my kitchen cleaning blitz. Seriously BEFORE this night of cleaning- I always loved the envirowand BUT now when I talk about it… IT IS WITH PASSION!!! HAHA. Funny- the party I did shortly after this night I think out of the 6 guests, 5 people bought it & the other 1 already had it… HAHA. Seriously it is in my top 5 products for blitzing the home.

It really is so handy- for cleaning hard to reach places- on the roof, in between spaces, fans, cobwebs, tops of the cupboard, dusting & more. You can buy additional sleeves for it too.  And guess what? The other day I had a lady purchase just a sleeve for her autistic nephew who loves sensory things. I thought that was pretty cool 🙂

2014-07-25 11.02.37



Using the mop pad off centre means you can clean skirting boards easily!
Using the mop pad off centre means you can clean skirting boards easily!

Cleaning the Floors

Clean more than the floor with this mop!
Clean more than the floor with this mop!

 Ahh the mop. SUCH an AWESOME invention. In this blitz I used it to clean the skirting boards by moving the pad to one side which left a longer piece of the mop pad (see the picture!)

I also ran it over the cabinets at the back where the kids eat (so quite dirty)- SO EASY… See the piccy! No bending or scrubbing… (This was a regular thing I’d do around the rubbish bin wall. So easy.

The mop was also a lifesaver then we had ALL the furniture out and had the washing machine and fridge moved… well anyone who has moved KNOWS how disgusting these areas get! It was an absolute timesaver- you will have to wait for these pictures in one of the posts about the bond clean… I know you can’t wait!! LOL!

For more info about the mop have a read of a previous post…

Excited over a mop. Really.

Cleaning the Fridge

While I was in the kitchen grabbing a drink of water… my eyes went to all the crumbs and muck in the fridge. GROSE!! How do fridges get so dirty?! WELL all I used was my kitchen cloth and cleaning paste for some marks I needed to budge. The great thing about this cloth is the crumbs just go into the cloth rather than be pushed around like a regular chux or wipe. Seriously a SUPERIOR clean. EVERY house needs at least 3 of these- and REPLACE all your chux, paper towel & wipes.

Kitchen Cloth & crumbs = NO PROBLEM!!!
Kitchen Cloth & crumbs = NO PROBLEM!!!

So at the end of this Blitz it was 11.30pm but in 90 minutes MUCH was achieved and I patted myself on the back.

… And rewarded myself with THREE things…


My FAVOURITE Salt scrub…. My hands were ready for some love… and this is the most amazing scrub I’ve ever ever used. You can do it all over your body but my hands were treated tonight. I love this stuff. Such a beautiful gift too.

olive oil scrub explained



I made a Bailey’s Frappacino… HEAVEN in a drink!! (click on the link to get the recipe, I like to share it with people I care about… you are reading this so it seems logical I would share it with you 🙂 … It may have been slightly bigger than the one pictured!! Maybe.. quite possibly!! lol.

Bailey's Frappacino... Heaven in a cup!
Bailey’s Frappacino… Heaven in a cup!


While I was drinking my treat, I rubbed RESCUE GEL on my irritable legs and sore back and then called it a night!! This amazing product is awesome and can help with so many things- everything from headaches, calming, pains, bruising, sleeplessness & MORE- SO MUCH MORE!!


“By Rachelle Potter”

Norwex: Where do I start? The basics explained.


dream starter kit 2018.jpg
Dream Starter Kit

People often ask me what are the best Norwex products to start with? My answer is “you can’t go wrong with The Dream starter Kit!” or Dream Starter Kit Plus which is one of our newer kits!

Why? Because you get products for solutions covering your bathroom, windows, walls, dusting, polishing, the kitchen & more. No more jiff, no more gumption, paper towel, chux, orange spray, sugar soap, spray and wipe…

NO MORE chemicals.

Switch your sprays and cleaning products to these cloths & cleaning paste and you have a natural, time and money saving solution for your everyday cleaning.

Buying these amazing products together means you get them 30% off, the dream starter kit works out to be $147.50 (RRP $211, save $63.50). They come with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee AND a TWO year warranty. Our basic Dream starter kit works out at $1.42 a week over that two years, I know I used to spend WAAAY more on that per

dream starter kit plus 2018.jpg
Dream Starer Kit Plus

week if I added up all the products I’d buy to clean my house. Look after these cloths of course and they should last longer much longer than that. I still have the bulk of my cloths for over 5 years (since I started using Norwex!)

My goal with this article is to outline simply WHAT you get for the kit and WHY it is a fabulous and great value kit. If you would like a run down on what Norwex is about, please click here.)

what cloth for what job.jpg

So what’s in this dream kit?

2015-10-03 09.04.38

One kitchen cloth…

(you can also purchase seperately)

Get rid of those stinky chux, sponges, spray and wipe and paper towel & enter these amazing kitchen cloths. These fast drying and absorbent cloths are made from microfibre and since they have our “baclock” silver technology within the cloth which is added during manufacturing, it inhibits bacterial odour, mould and mildew growth within the cloth so they just don’t smell like other dish cloths.

Where do you use them? It is fantastic for wiping kitchen tables and benches, stovetops, refrigerator shelves, cleaning up kitchen spills and washing up (just use it on the blunt side of sharp knives). Use them on stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, slate, quartz, tile, wood, plastic, stone and china. Wring out and hang cloth after use. If you have a thermomix these are a MUST have! If you get STREAKY benchtops they are also a MUST HAVE!

2014-07-27 19.42.25
Kitchen Cloth & crumbs = NO PROBLEM!!!
2014-07-27 19.45.21

Just a few comments about the cloths that customers have written in the past few months,

“Rachelle you gave me one of these. I love the way it doesn’t leave any streaks on my benchtops”, Sue

“Love these, they clean everything in the kitchen, and they don’t get smelly… I wash them because I think I should now, not because they smell”, Sharon

“This has to be my favourite Norwex cloth! I got two in my Dream Starter Kit, but used them so frequently, I bought myself another two! Two on the go, two in the wash. Wipe your bench, your baby, your dishes, your hands and sticky faces. Clean up your food, crumbs and spills quickly and efficiently. And best of all, it rinses out really, really easily!” One of my past Norwex hosts


One Kitchen towel

kitchen cloths and kitchen towels 2017The same as our kitchen cloths, but larger. Some great features:

  • Contains Norwex’s exclusive BacLock®* agent
  • Self-purifying microfibre
  • Unique weave
  • Lint-free
  • Super-soft
  • Machine washable
  • Non-abrasive
  • On-trend colours
  • Super absorbent
  • Fast-drying

besties at work before and after bookThe AMAZING Duo… the enviro cloth & window/polish cloth

The enviro is our “everything” cloth. This tightly woven microfibre cloth has 2.9 million metres of microfibre in it. So as you clean surfaces the tiny hooks on each fibre pull up any residue and dirt off the surface. This can be used dry or damp. And clean surfaces such as windows, mirrors, shower screens, walls, carpet stains, couches, car interiors, cupboards and more. You get one of these enviro cloths in this kit (or TWO in the Dream starter kit plus).

Then add its “bestie” the window cloth and you have a serious combination. Have a read of a post about “my wall heroes” here… Clean your windows and mirrors just with water QUICKLY and STREAK free. I will often at a party draw with butter on the window a bit like this guy to the right… then use a damp folded enviro & a dry polish/Window cloth and clean off the “butter art” & the whole window both sides with the same cloth!

Here’s a cute little man from a big party I did a few years ago. I just Butter on window!had to take a picture of him, as he was so cute! (Please NOTE you don’t need butter to clean! Unlike a very special customer who thought you did!)

This combo comes with a warning though! Put stickers on the window as glass does look invisible! Read about a true (a slighly humourous story) here about that! Glass REALLY does look invisible.

 Add the scrub cloth and you have your BATHROOM attack system

The scrub cloth is amazing. I have a professional cleaner (now consultant) buy over 30 of these cloths. They are seriously awesome.

The "magic shower cloth"
The “magic shower cloth” as it is often called!

How is it that I have customers LIGHT UP LIKE THEY HAVE HAD A BABY- when they talk about this cloth? Really they do! It feels abrasive but won’t scratch your glass. You can also add cleaning paste (also available in the Dream Starter Kit), the blue diamond or descaler to budge really built up soap scum. You can also use it in the kitchen (for example on your teflon products or with the oven & grill cleaner). This is the ideal cloth for hard to clean surfaces. Also, great for cleaning showers, including shower floors and glass and bathtubs, and removing sticky residue, stubborn stains or rust. Great for removing soap residue and cleaning around taps.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.22.33 pm.png
The bathroom pack is one of our new collections and a great mix of products

“The Grease Cloth” Aka the all purpose kitchen cloth

JUST WATER & THIS CLOTH = GREASE GONE!The dream starter kit wouldn’t be complete without the “GREASE CLOTH” (all purpose kitchen cloth)…

This is my dad’s favourite cloth, it is a MUST HAVE. He was so funny, when I gave him the “grease” cloth to clean his stainless steel, pizza oven, BBQ, range hood- I’m not sure how many phone calls I have received from him to send them to different friends and family. This photo was just a quick one when I cleaned the top of the kitchen cupboard. It’s AMAZING how you can feel the cloth “grab” at the grease.

I recall one of my hosts and regular customers share about this cloth and her range hood. She was (probably still is!) a lady who takes MUCH care in the look of her home (much more than me!!) and she said once she got her dream starter kit home- she took this grease cloth out for her nemesis her RANGE HOOD- she had bought wipes, sprays, cleaners, stainless steel cloths- NOTHING had budged the “film” of grease. UNTIL THIS CLOTH!!!!!! Just with water- it was gone in only a few minutes. I still remember her excitement!!

It really does work- it certainly is a cloth with the “WOW” factor!!!!!

Let’s Add the Cleaning Paste…

Cleaning Paste- no more magic erasers or gumption!
Cleaning Paste- no more magic erasers or gumption!

And you have a formidable force. The cleaning paste. I USED to love gumption- anyone else love their gumption? I didn’t love the yellow revealed paint whilst getting a mark off the wall though…

I also USED to love those little magic erasers- anyone love those? Note I am using the past tense- I no longer use these little (expensive) chemical bombs- I usually just use a DAMP enviro cloth or scrub cloth (if it’s in the bathroom) and MAGIC- GONE…

The cleaning paste is an environmentally friendly cleaning and polishing agent that works with a damp Scrub Cloth, Envirocloth or
Kitchen Cloth to clean, polish and protect plastic, enamel, ceramics, chrome, steel, aluminium and porcelain surfaces in one application. Works great to remove rust, stains and scuff marks, and on bathroom sinks and tiles too!

cleaning paste uses

And last, but not least- the AMAZING Dust mitt.

The dust mitt is like a MAGNET!! I have used mitts and cloths in the past that just swoosh everything around! Not this one. At my very first Norwex party- the consultant cleaned my fans which were directly above US- and we were all slightly concerned we would end up as dust bunnies (as I hadn’t cleaned those fans in 6 months!) however we all had dropped jaws by the end of that demonstration!

The structure of the ultra fine fibres and the natural static charge inherent to synthetic products enables the Dusting Mitt to attract and trap dust and dirt more efficiently than cotton. You can use anywhere that requires dusting! For example: blinds, wooden Venetians, fans, banisters, vehicle dashboards, tops of cupboards, lamps, screens etc.

Dusting mitt



 If you would like to see more, check out our before and after book, a fabulous look at some of our products.

before and after book coverScreen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.24.21 pm

COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCT: Our Laundry Detergent & Laundry Liquid

Landry detergent liquid and powder new formulations

It’s the best way to LOOK AFTER YOUR CLOTHS


Our new and improved environmentally friendly Laundry Detergent is the right formula for your family. It gets your clothes their cleanest, and because you only need to use a little, you save money. Plus, it works great in both conventional and front-loading washing machines.

– Non-toxic, with biodegradable ingredients.
– Formula is phosphate-, sulfate-, chlorine-, dye-, fragrance- and filler-free.
– Contains environmentally friendly water softeners.
– Dissolves quickly and starts working immediately.
– No optical brighteners.
– Can be used with both conventional and high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.
– Use just a fraction of the amount required by typical store brands.
– Can be used with the Norwex Magnet Ball in top-loading washing machines, saving you even more.
– Works well in all water temperatures.
– Colour safe.

Watch a great video on FILLER FREE DETERGENTS here (maybe you went “huh, what on earth is filler free?!”)

The Safe Haven 5 Set

safe haven 5 setA great option for people looking for the basics it contains:

1 Enviro Cloth

1 Window Cloth

1 Dusting Mitt

1 Laundry Detergent

1 Cleaning Paste

THEN THERE IS THE Healthy Home Package 1 or 2…

If you LOVE Norwex and want to convert your home (love the dream starter kit AND the mop??) Then consider the Healthy Home packages!! It’s AMAZING and so fantastically priced 🙂

AU 2019 Catalogue Collection and packs  - ditch the plastic package basic package help with the dishes healthy homes packages bathroom package kick start kit safe haven set Page 54.jpg




“By Rachelle Potter”

The Norwex Mattress Cleaner: A Classic tale of the Goodies V’s the Baddies!

It could help your asthma, morning sneezing, smelly odours & more!

Norwex Mattress Cleaner
Norwex Mattress Cleaner

“I need more sneezing spray” a customer shared on the phone the other day. This particular customer’s Norwex mattress cleaner had run out and after using it for approximately 9 months & having their morning sneezing stop- they were all back to sneezing once more.

One of my customers shared a similar story with me (and many guests at parties!)…

Dawn’s story

“I cannot believe what a fantastic product the mattress spray is – I tried it because of its preventative qualities – who wants bed bugs/dust mites?

I quickly realized that something else had changed – the meeting stopping cough wasn’t happening.
I had plagued staff meetings etc with an amazing, but painless, awful cough for years and years.

Suddenly it wasn’t happening – I know when it’s time to re-spray, I get a little cough if I have forgotten to spray.
Now even my new little cat has no bother with dust etc as she enjoys bed warmth with her human mother.

I used it in the car, too, with the same good results!

When my older visited TWICE recently, there was no ‘morning sneezing’ for which both my daughters are renowned.

My asthmatic friend who visits several times a semester with her studies having residential sessions, has had no attacks here since I used the spray!! ”

Sarah’s story

I vividly remember doing an emergency dash over to Sarah’s house after she had some delightful (?) smells in her car, Sarah is a mum of 4 & whose children get car sick… This is what she just wrote about the mattress cleaner.

mattress cleaner and soft toys“If your kids get car sick, never leave home without it!!!!!  It’s amazing. Vomit is organic matter, so the enzymes work on them like they do on the dustmite faeces, literally getting rid of it (not just a cover-up). I’ve lent mine out several times to others whose kids have been sick, and I’m so glad it’s on sale again…I’ve been waiting. I always take it with me on holidays (it was great in one holiday house, too, to be able to get rid of what I assume was cat pee smell off the lounges. Sprayed it the first night, then we could sit on the lounge the next morning).

My story

I know in our own family my daughter suffers from asthma & since using this both MY morning runny noses have disappeared & she had gone from needing her ventalin at least once a day to only requiring it when she has a cold. I love how Norwex has improved our quality of life. Yes it has saved us money, saved me time in cleaning but how it has helped our health, that is priceless.

So how does it work?

Dust mites themsleves are not what causes allergies, it’s the faeces they leave behind. In fact dust mite droppings are the most common cause of dust-related allergies.

mattress cleaner how does it workDust mites

Dust mites are tiny, approximately 50 of them could fit on the end of a pin. They eat the fungus that grows from dead skin cells and animal dander and each day each one produces about 20 faecal pellets.

Inhaled dust mite faecal matter can lead to eye-ear-nose-throat infections, headaches, fatigue, depression, sleep difficulties, snoring and respiratory illnesses such as sinusitis, allergies and asthma attacks.

What’s in the mattress cleaner?

I often say at my parties that it’s “disgustingly awesome” Why? Because the micro organisms (live bacteria) within the cleaner are dormant in the bottle, but once the bottle has been shaken & sprayed on their “food source” (Yes the POO!!) they are activated, reproduce and as they eat away they produce enzymes (protein) and these enzymes break down the fecal matter, dead skin cells, pet dander or any organic matter which causes unpleasant odours and turn it into carbon dioxide and water. Once their job is done they disintegrate, so no need for vacuuming up afterwards (as you need to do with other sprays).

It’s a classic case of Goodies V’s Baddies!!

The leader of our Norwex team, Linda Pearce describes their job perfectly…

“Similar to our other “enzyme-based” or microbial products, our Mattress Cleaner does not “kill” anything (including dust mites). It works by eating up all of the organic matter that the dust mites would feed on, as well as the accumulated dust mite bodies and faecal matter. No food = no more growth of mites……at least for a while…….until there is more food. The overgrowth of the good bacteria at the expense of the dust mites is called competitive inhibition. We simply add enough “good guys” to be sure they out compete the “bad guys.”

Where can I get it from? What if it doesn’t work?


Norwex Mattress Cleaner
Norwex Mattress Cleaner

Click on the image and it will take you to my online store. Postage is $9.95. Think about some complimentary products such as the envirowand, laundry detergent, dust mitt (its like a magnet) & the enviro cloth which you can use damp to wipe over your bed rails (amongst MANY other uses).

If you’re not sure then I encourage you to TRY it- Norwex products carry a 60 day money back policy so you have more than enough time to see if it makes a difference.


Some other Norwex customer testimonies…

“I used mattress cleaner when my daughter was waking up every morning with bites on her skin….(it was a second hand mattress given to us) once we used the mattress cleaner she never has woken up with bites again…I started using the mattress cleaner roughly 3-4 months ago.” Odette George, Qld

“My sinus problems showed a marked improvement within one day of using the mattress cleaner. While it hasn’t gone completely, it is much better!” Susan Don, Qld

“Fantastic stuff! Gets rid of the smell of pee (both human and pets) and has cleared up my brother in laws eczema. Brilliant must have product!!!!” Monica Whawell, Qld

“My sister bought it in March 2011 as her daughter Ashleigh suffers badly from Asthma, eczema and other skin conditions. She uses it regularly on her mattress and pillows, the year she started using it was the first year she didn’t end up in hospital with breathing difficulties. Needless to say, Sandie has become a complete Norwex fan.” Stacey Allen, Qld

“I suffer from hay fever and my partner from hay fever and asthma. When I heard about the mattress cleaner I was skeptical (like with all the products) but gave it a try… Bam… No more sneezes and runny noses in the early morning from both of us! Mother in law uses and say it has reduced hubbies snoring and no more hay fever!” Carla Stevens, Qld

“My kids both suffer from asthma, with my daughter also suffering from eczema and hay fever as well. I can always tell when it’s time to do their bedding again and pretty well spot on 3 months they will start with the coughing sneezing, runny eyes and nose and everything else that goes along with them. Simply spray all their bedding, doonas, pillows etc. and it clears it up straight away! Would NOT be without the mattress cleaner, the best thing I ever bought from Norwex and that’s been a lot of products! You will not regret buying!” Sandra Ludcke, Qld




Rescue Gel to the Rescue!


10291810_773318036020217_8044189756339298660_n You know “those” products you come across that you just need to either a) tell everyone about or b) buy it for everyone as a gift? Enter… the amazing timeless relaxation rescue gel! The rescue gel has a roller-ball applicator with natural and organic ingredients free from ‘nasties’ like parabens, alcohol, petroleum derived ingredients, triclosan & phthalates.

Included in the ingredient list are; organic aloe vera (soothes), organic extra virgin olive oil (moisturises & hydrates), organic rosemary (stimulates & invigorates the senses, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant), sage (cleanses, astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory), devil’s claw (healing, anti-inflammatory), chamomile (healing, anti-inflammatory), Arnica Montana (soothes, moisturizes, protects), Camphor (warms) and menthol (cools).

With this synergistic blend of ingredients it is fabulous for a broad range of uses and users have had great success with managing stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches and migraines, bruising, irritable/restless legs, pain, swelling, sore muscles, arthritis, gout, back pain, joint pain, tennis elbow, decongestant, nausea, calming down children, sciatica (nerve pain), blocked ears on an aeroplane, tendonitis, menstrual pain, fever (put on your feet), pain following chemo, labour pains and many other uses.

One rescue gel user wrote this testimony,

“I have slept like a LOG for a whole week thanks to this product! Rubbing it into my temples and all over my neck and shoulders is proving miraculous, because I have awful trouble getting off to sleep, and staying asleep once I get there. I always have. But this week has been AMAZING. I wake up, morning after morning, totally astonished at how I slept like a log, and so I wake up feeling properly refreshed. I used it tonight as a chest and back rub for my daughter who has the flu. It took away all the achy pains in her back, and cleared her stuffed nose, so she’s dropped straight off to sleep (and she, like me, usually struggles most nights to get to sleep). And I’m so delighted to have a natural chest rub – I hate all the chemicals in vicks. So this is one happy mumma!” Catherine.
Who would like to try some?

It is one of the HOTTEST things I am selling at the moment.If you would like to try it, head over to my online store it really is AMAZING!!


“By Rachelle Potter”




Excited over a Norwex mop. Really.

My kids mopping...
My kids mopping…

Can I just say… I LOVE THIS MOP!

And i’m NOT the only one.It’s funny how many people get so excited over a mop. Really. But it’s TRUE!! Imagine not needing to lug a bucket of water around. Imagine just using a mop and water. Yes WATER!!

I often joke that Norwex is ‘all about the drama’, you can look official and have a spray bottle… OR… you can be a little more unconventional and throw a cup of water on the floor (had a bad day?!?!), get the kids to use water pistols or use your water bottle. Come on, it’s cleaning and we need to make it fun, right?!?

 Some of the features…

The handle is height adjustable, so its ergonomic.

The microfibre pad has strong velcro which attaches to the base- easily removed for washing.

The base has a ‘lock’ function so the head doesn’t swivel making it easy to clean walls, the roof or windows.

The pads have hooks so you can easily hang them up and be organsied!

You can get a dry pad for sweeping and a rubber brush to wipe off the dirt, hair and whatever else it has picked up- perfect!

The wet pads are available in blue (especially good on wooden floors- in fact it is AMAZING on wooden floors!!) & green (the green has a nylon woven in the microfibre so it is FANTASTIC on tiles, lino, slate)

Hear from this happy Norwex customer,

“Honestly this mop blows my mind. I moved into a new house with lino on the floor. I used the blue wet pad first when I mopped and it came up black, pretty gross. I decided to try the green tile pad straight away as I knew my consultant said it was good on lino & i have a science brain and like to experiment even if it’s with cleaning! Well the tile pad after mopping the same area- was BLACK! The floor looked so good and I couldn’t believe how easy it was- without using any chemicals! That probably blew my mind the most!!”


If you are interested in the mop, head onto my online store, and purchase your own, you won’t be disappointed! I will send you complete instructions once your order has been submitted 🙂 The MOP kits are your best bet & if you are just starting out think about the Healthy Home Packages and you get the mop for free! (all your cleaning needs for your home, a WIN on so many levels… save time, your health, no chemicals, money)


This mop will save you SO much time!! Below if my doggy Bunny 🙂

mop and doggy foot prints.jpg



“By Rachelle Potter”