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It’s Norwex Join for Free time!

Attention Australia & New Zealand… Join Norwex for Free until midday March 16 !!join for free bannerWhat does that mean? Join for free?

I have a question for you… have you ever wanted to sample Norwex products, but there has been something that has stopped you? (maybe the cost, you are skeptical, you’re just not sure, it’s not been the “right” time, your account lapsed and you are ready to join again, maybe you have just seen this and you’re like Nor-what??!!…)

We don’t often get things for “free” hey? There are catches…

WELL guys, here is your chance! You can open your own account totally RISK FREE you get to try four of our VERY popular products to try & see what you think (The Norwex body pack, the Norwex counter cloths, Enviro Cloth & Window Cloth – $169 in product value!!!) Plus have the option to purchase a limited edition upgrade kit which is 40% off… THEN Try it & SEE what you think!

You can then do whatever you want with your account (parties or no parties, keep purchasing for yourself, share with others if you wanted… it’s honestly up to you!) And just so you know… if you decide after trying Norwex you don’t love it/want to keep your account open- it will close in 12 months. S.I.M.P.L.E

I of course am here to offer whatever level of support you were after- we are a great team and there is much support online so it doesn’t matter where you are either. Send me a message here, via FB or Consultant website OR simply join online & I will flick you an email after to say hi!

You’ve found it… the opportunity that sounds “too good to be true”, except it is true and totally AWESOME. You pay postage that’s in. No hidden charges and no annual fees. Ready to make your home free of toxic chemicals, save time cleaning and if you’re keen use your account to both buy your Norwex wholesale and EARN an income too (straight away!)!? Chat to me today!


We have an AMAZING team, but the whole culture from the top to the bottom is incredible, have a watch of the 1 minute video below for snapshot!

Just so you know our Party Starter Kit is always just pay postage too, but has some some sales requirements (HOWEVER this is STILL my favourite especially if you plan on doing some parties, as it comes with the mop, Dream Starter Kit, Laundry Detergent & so much stationery at the start & you can earn that kit for free while you earn commission and free products too!)

But let’s chat & I can help you decide which is best for you!

Join online HEREor contact me above for more info!

Rachelle 🙂

So… How are your walls? Meet my heroes…

Have you ever been asked that question before?!?!  I don’t think I have…

We have a house inspection on Thursday. Operation clean the house began today… first step MY WALLS…

My Problems…  (well my “wall problems” anyway, better not get started on my other ones…..!!)

red paint all over one wall

… football marks on the roof

… shoe scuff marks- on the roof (? yes the roof… thanks Jonathan…)

… random scuff marks everywhere

blue paint scratches all over one of our glass doors

“Pre-Norwex” they were big issues for me to clean… my ‘old’ way of cleaning involved first stressing, then trying sugar soap and what used to be favourite… gumption (well until it took the paint off my walls).

ENTER my new way of handling “wall problems” like this….

Meet my two WALL HEROES…

Mr Enviro & Mrs Cleaning Paste: together they are a formidable force!

blue enviro clothThe Norwex Enviro Cloth used dampened with water on its own is a legend- removing marks off light switches, the walls, corners, cleaning window sills and more,

BUT we all KNOW that sometimes there are marks on the walls (and roof) that need the Legend of all wall legends….

The Norwex Cleaning Pastecleaning-paste

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product and it only has FOUR ingredients…  Marble-flour, chalk, natural soap and traces of coconut oil.

Together with the enviro… EVERY ONE of my wall problems were tackled with EASE!!!! I remember when I did our last bond clean, I constantly had an enviro in one hand and the cleaning paste in the other. I giggle now (note the word ‘now’) at the little pen people I found on the wall behind the couch for example that the two heroes removed 🙂  (and yes… I know who likes to draw people like that!!)

(You can use this product for SOOOOO many other things too… for example cleaning plastic, aluminium, chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, tiles and MORE…)

ARE windows part of your description of walls?

Well just incase it is…


.the window cloththe Norwex window cloth!!

Teamed with the enviro, they will clean your windows too- JUST WITH WATER. No more streaky windows or buying products like spray and wipe. Oh and shall i mention I did five windows (both sides) in about 8 minutes?

SO there you go THREE of my “WALL HEROES”. Please feel free to ask any questions or share your experiences below and if you are interested in saving yourself some stress & time- you can purchase these online just click on the links or follow the linkat the top entitled ‘online store’.  THANKS & I hope this information helps!! 🙂 🙂

footy marks on roof  before using cleaning paste.jpg
footy marks on roof after with cleaning paste.jpg

Envircloth on Window B&A

“By Rachelle Potter”

The besties are at it again!

Water + Enviro Cloth + Window ClothThese cloths do some amazing work together (windows, mirrors, shower screens…) I call the enviro cloth and window cloth ‘besties’, I have another friend who calls them “peas and carrots”. (This link will take you to my Norwex online catalogue store, specifically the microfibre cloths)

This picture is just my latest easy clean. I wiped over the stool bases with a damp enviro cloth and because of how the cloth ‘grabs’ at dirt and grime it all just came off SO easily. Four kids use these chairs everyday and they get messy (weetbix, butter, nutella, crumbs, spilt milk… you get my point!).

Then using the polish cloth they shine up BEAUTIFULLY!!!! 🙂

I guess one fo the BIG reasons why I LOVE Norwex, is that it makes the everyday cleaning we have in life, so easy. I love that I now have solutions to those things. Saving time and money and effort. I’d rather be spending time with my family than cleaning any day!!

If you would like to purchase some Norwex follow this link to my online website

window and mirror basic package prices


WARNING: Using Norwex can make glass invisible….


I had a customer show me this photo during the week and I have been having a giggle ever since, as have they (Thankfully the person who walked into the sliding door is okay!)

I call them the ‘Norwex Besties’- our Enviro cloth & window cloth with water do A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things!! Like… cleaning dirty windows so well that they look like they’re invisible!! Have you tried them yet?

I have a link on my page to the online catalogue if you would like to look some more or there is a tab at the top to take you to my online store aswell. I LOVE the fact that using just water and a couple of cloths you can clean windows so easily.

So HOW do you get an invisible window?

Use a damp enviro cloth and wipe over the window area, if you use it folded, rather than scrunched, you can fold it over as it becomes dirty. Spray water if needed. THEN all you do is use the polish cloth and wipe over the glass. Note at demonstrations I also add butter to the window (or mirror) for an extra WOW factor 🙂

You can use these cloths for SO MANY THINGS- showers, mirrors, cleaning walls, doors and more.

kick start kit with enviro cloth dist mitt spray bottle and window cloth

Envircloth on Window B&A