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Here it is… the Norwex Australia Spring 2017 Catalogue!!

WOOHOO! Normally we have our catalogue released in January of each year. THIS year Norwex has released the catalogue complete with AAAALLLL of the fabulous NEW PRODUCTS! More on those later!


The Australian 2017 Spring Catalogue

The link to the online Spring Australian 2017 Norwex catalogue is alternatively click HERE to go to my searchable catalogue with EXTRA information & tips.



The online AUSTRALIAN Norwex 2017 Catalogue:

My (New) Online Website is packed full of details on each product (& well worth a shop now for Norwexlook). Each product has a section with the description, key benefits, key features, how to use the product & a did you know section as well. It is user friendly and packed full of information.

If you do order, look for the “ADD PARTY” section and add your order to my monthly customer party for further benefits.

If you are interested in joining to become a consultant with Norwex and you are from Australia OR New Zealand, I have an AMAZING  team called The Fluros who are #creatingabrighterfuture all over Australia and New Zealand.

Click here to join or contact me via my email

The online NEW ZEALAND Norwex 2017 Catalogue…

NZ 2017 Spring Catalogue Front Page

The link for the online NEW ZEALAND 2017 Norwex catalogue is


maree and rachelleIf you are interested in purchasing Norwex and you are from New Zealand, I have a great team over there and my Executive Sales Leader, Maree Wilson would be more than happy to help you out. Click here for her online shop or her email is

If you are interested in joining Norwex New Zealand, and you’d like to be on my team (I have a fabulous team over in NZ), I am more than happy to support you. If you would rather a NZ leader, Maree would be more than happy to help you out too 🙂

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