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It’s Norwex Join for Free time!

Attention Australia & New Zealand… Join Norwex for Free until midday March 16 !!join for free bannerWhat does that mean? Join for free?

I have a question for you… have you ever wanted to sample Norwex products, but there has been something that has stopped you? (maybe the cost, you are skeptical, you’re just not sure, it’s not been the “right” time, your account lapsed and you are ready to join again, maybe you have just seen this and you’re like Nor-what??!!…)

We don’t often get things for “free” hey? There are catches…

WELL guys, here is your chance! You can open your own account totally RISK FREE you get to try four of our VERY popular products to try & see what you think (The Norwex body pack, the Norwex counter cloths, Enviro Cloth & Window Cloth – $169 in product value!!!) Plus have the option to purchase a limited edition upgrade kit which is 40% off… THEN Try it & SEE what you think!

You can then do whatever you want with your account (parties or no parties, keep purchasing for yourself, share with others if you wanted… it’s honestly up to you!) And just so you know… if you decide after trying Norwex you don’t love it/want to keep your account open- it will close in 12 months. S.I.M.P.L.E

I of course am here to offer whatever level of support you were after- we are a great team and there is much support online so it doesn’t matter where you are either. Send me a message here, via FB or Consultant website OR simply join online & I will flick you an email after to say hi!

You’ve found it… the opportunity that sounds “too good to be true”, except it is true and totally AWESOME. You pay postage that’s in. No hidden charges and no annual fees. Ready to make your home free of toxic chemicals, save time cleaning and if you’re keen use your account to both buy your Norwex wholesale and EARN an income too (straight away!)!? Chat to me today!


We have an AMAZING team, but the whole culture from the top to the bottom is incredible, have a watch of the 1 minute video below for snapshot!

Just so you know our Party Starter Kit is always just pay postage too, but has some some sales requirements (HOWEVER this is STILL my favourite especially if you plan on doing some parties, as it comes with the mop, Dream Starter Kit, Laundry Detergent & so much stationery at the start & you can earn that kit for free while you earn commission and free products too!)

But let’s chat & I can help you decide which is best for you!

Join online HEREor contact me above for more info!

Rachelle 🙂

Free holiday anyone? Did you know you can earn free holidays as a Norwex consultant?

I’m about to embark on a ten day cruise with my two older children. I’ve never been on a cruise before but I’m a bit excited. There will be around 30 other Norwex consultants on this incentive trip all been given a free holiday for doing consistent business.


I love all the extras for doing something I love (like this iPad I’m typing on!)
One of my passions is sharing the Norwex opportunity with others. If you would like a chance to have a flexible, rewarding, fun job or a second or third job that fits into your schedule read about it here, sign up online my online website has a link you can do it through. Or send me an email but just know I won’t be able to reply for a few weeks.

I’ve been so encouraged by the feedback I’ve been receiving from people reading and learning on my blog. I love that it is helping people! If there is something you would like to hear about simply let me know! 🙂

So next years incentive trip is to LA and Disneyland- anyone want to come with me?!

**June 2016 Update: USA was AMAZING & earned a free ticket for my husband too (woohoo) and I have just earned my FREE trip to Hawaii…**

**Jan 2019 Update: After Hawaii, I earned an incredible trip to Europe on a Mediterranean Cruise!! How INCREDIBLE HEY!!! Yay for earning FREE travel!! 🙂

2015-10-09 17.25.47-1.jpg

hawaii palm tree

Hawaii… **BLISS** 🙂

2016-10-03 17.47.09

Enjoying my Favourite Bailey’s Alexander Cocktail…  on my Mediterranean Cruise in 2018! 🙂

2018-10-10 23.01.09-2