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The New Norwex Ultra Power Plus laundry powder has been released!

new upp formulationThe Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Powder is…

* phosphate free, sulphate free, chlorine free, free from optical brightener, dyes and fragrance.

* Filler free. Many other detergents contain ingredients that build up in your septic system, pipes and wash machine and do not break down. As a result, they are polluting our waterways and clogging our systems.

* This formulation is a high performance, 100% natural, biodegradable formula will work great septic systems, biocycle systems, greywater recycling systems and won’t harm the environment.

* An official High Efficiency (HE) detergent

* It has been very successful with customers who have sensitive skin, eczema and allergies.

Fillers in washing powders range from salt, potatoe skins, card board & more. Get a FILLER FREE detergent like the UPP
Fillers in washing powders range from salt, potatoe skins, card board & more. Try a FILLER FREE detergent! Legally in Australia manufacturers can add up to 30% of their product as fillers- YUK.

 How is the New formulation Different?

It has the same great cleaning power as the original UPP, but has been designed for both high efficiency (front loading) and conventional (top loading) washing machines. The ingredients have been changed to make it even greener but the price is still the same.

Our favourite, top-selling product just got even better! Norwex’s Ultra Power Plus (UPP) just became even cleaner for us and the environment. It is now also an official HE detergent!

Amazing Value for money

Have you calculated the price difference between Ultra Power Plus and the brand your currently using? Or the one you used to use? Have a go, I bet the difference will stagger you! You use a really small scoop…1 tablespoon for a top loader & a teaspoon for top loaders/HE machines.

What if I don’t like it?

It comes with a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee so it s a WIN-WIN situation

rachelles norwex shop

How do I get some?

Simply head onto my ONLINE STORE & you are able to purchase


Caring for your Norwex Cloths

make up clothsCaring for your Norwex cloths

One of the questions I often get asked, is how do I clean my Norwex cloths?

Washing & Drying…

Norwex cloths can be put in the washing machine and they can be put in a moderate dryer, up to 60 degrees celcius. Using Norwex Ultra Power Plus will yield best results, or another environmentally friendly detergent without fillers and bleach.

 What about stubborn stains?

If you find a cloth either smells or has stubborn stains, cloths (*) can be boiled in a pot of water for 2-3 minutes, to allow fibres to swell and release the debris. Adding a teaspoon of ultra power plus also can help also. (* Not the mop bases or scrub cloth).

 Some Important Cautions…

PLEASE don’t wipe your cloths over hot elements (it will melt the fibres).

Don’t add fabric softener, bleach or dryer sheets when laundering microfibers as these additives coat the coat the surface of the fibres and reduce the microfiber’s ability to clean effectively.

 Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee…

Norwex stands behind their product and offer a TWO YEAR WARRANTY from the date of purchase against faulty workmanship and materials.

DID you know EVERYTHING you purchase from Norwex comes with a 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee?? So what’s stopping you from trying something new?


For microfibre care instructions please see http://bit.ly/1ikwmwx for the PDF or read the instructions below

Microfibre care instructions

“By Rachelle Potter”

Norwex Ultra Power Plus does it again!!!

Norwex Ultra Power Plus does it again!!!

This photo was taken by a Norwex customer (not one of mine) and is being shared with her permission. The towel with the F has been washed with Fab, the other with the N has been washed with Norwex Ultra Power Plus. You can also see the comparison between products in the glasses at the back of the photos. The Norwex powder is completely dissolved whereas the Fab is not (which is the filler in the product which won’t dissolve)


This highly concentrated, superior stain-fighting powder is 100% biodegradable and free from phosphates and fillers. Designed for both high-efficiency (HE) and conventional washing machines, this formula gets your whites even whiter, your brights even brighter and dissolves grease and grime. Safe on all fabrics, including hand-washables and Norwex Microfibre.

Size: 1kg


You want a laundry powder that not only gets clothes their cleanest, but that’s also environmentally friendly. And while some believe that using more soap or detergent will get their clothes cleaner, that’s not always the case. In addition, all those chemicals are bad for you, not to mention the environment.


Our environmentally friendly Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent is the right formula for your family. It gets your clothes their cleanest, and because you only need to use a little, you save money. Plus, it works great in both conventional and high-efficiency washing machines.

Key Features

  • 100% all-natural formula.
  • Non-toxic, with biodegradable ingredients.
  • Formula is phosphate, sulfate, chlorine, dye, fragrance and filler-free.
  • Contains environmentally friendly water softeners.
  • Dissolves quickly and starts working immediately.
  • No optical brighteners.
  • Can be used with both conventional and high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.
  • Use just a fraction of the amount required by typical store brands,
  • Can be used with the Magnet Ball in top-loading washing machines, saving you even more.
  • Works well in all water temperatures.
  • Colour safe.